Hello Tina & Matt. We have never been so pleased with an order before! Our Cat Bonnie has been in and out of the vets office due to urinary tract issues. Thousand dollars later in vet fees, and we haven’t been able to find something suitable for our girl. Our dogs eat raw food, and our cat Bonnie is always so sad trying to get what they eat. She’s a cat who likes to eat a lot but for some reason the canned cat food and recommendations from the vet wasn’t enough for her. She would eat the first time we’d try and buy new foods and not go back for more. The only thing she was eating for some time was the dry urinary tract food from the vet, but even that she wasn’t content. She wasn’t filling up either so she’d be on the prowl to find more food and stared into our souls, meowing when we fed the dogs which was starting to break my heart. She most definitely needed food that was wet due to her issues and cats not drinking as much water as they should.
Anyways, thank you so much for making this raw food that makes our girl so happy and full finally! Every time we are in the kitchen she comes talking to us for more knowing what’s coming up! She is so so happy! More than a week since we have received our order and she is still good with using the bathroom with no blood issues, so it’s definitely working. We were worried on trying anything but you have made this so easy to order, and great for cats bodies. We have been searching for raw for some time now. We will most definitely be ordering again 🙏🏼
— Alexa
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