I've been ordering from this company since August of last year for my new rescue cat. I've never fed a raw diet to a pet before so I was nervous about the transition and the long term usage of it. From the start my cat, Pigeon (black and white cat), has absolutely loved this food! The chicken is her favorite as well as the goat milk. She gets excited for every mealtime and it was easy to wean her off of free grazing. Her fur is fluffier and softer, her stool is small and odorless and she's active! My sister's cat (black cat) recently started losing hair due to allergies, so I thought since my cat is doing well on it maybe my sister's cat could try it. It was the right choice as her fur started growing back within weeks and her appetite was much better! Her fur is now completely full again and she's doing a lot better. I definitely love this brand for my cats!
— Rebecca S
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