At Rebel Raw, we've always believed that the foundation of cats’ and dogs’ health begins with what they eat. Today, we're thrilled to share a momentous accolade that resonates deeply with our mission and vision. Recently, our brand had the honor of being meticulously reviewed by renowned industry experts in the pet nutrition world - Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, Dr. Susan Recker, DVM, cVSMT, Rodney Habib of Planet Paws and Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food. The outcome? A glowing 4.5-star rating out of 5! We’re honored by this accolade as a testament to our dedication to quality and also to our unwavering commitment to transparency and excellence.

A Commitment to Quality and Transparency

Our mission has always been clear: to make it easy to feed cats and dogs the healthiest and most natural food possible. The recent raw pet food review on Inside Scoop and Planet Paws underscores our success in this mission, particularly highlighting our commitment to quality and transparency—qualities specifically praised by Dr. Susan Recker, DVM, cVSMT. "I value Rebel Raw’s transparency. I’m so excited they post all their nutritional analysis on their website. It goes a long way to make me feel confident that we can know what we’re feeding," she stated. Her appreciation for our transparency and the accessibility of nutritional analyses on our website mirrors our core belief: pet parents should feel confident and well-informed about the choices they make for their pets' nutrition. Discover more about our commitment and browse our fresh food at Rebel Raw.

Recognition from Dr. Karen Becker

The endorsement from Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, a wellness veterinarian deeply versed in the significance of biologically appropriate food, holds special importance. Dr. Becker's philosophy, which closely mirrors our own, posits that the correct diet and a pet's immediate surroundings are crucial for their health, vitality, and lifespan. Throughout her career as a small animal clinician, she has inspired pet owners to adopt conscious lifestyle choices to improve their pets' wellbeing. Her commendation of our overall quality—"Nicely done, Rebel Raw!"—alongside her appreciation of our efforts to maintain affordability—"Really nice price point"—emphasizes how our food aligns with her vision for optimal animal health.

Applause from Rodney Habib and Susan Thixton

The accolades extend to Rodney Habib and Susan Thixton, whose feedback further cements our reputation in the pet food industry. Habib's wish for Rebel Raw's presence in Canada—"This is fantastic food! I wish we had Rebel Raw in Canada"—and his commendation of our website's design and functionality—"I was impressed with their website"—highlight the universal appeal and accessibility of our brand. Susan Thixton's straightforward endorsement, calling us a "Great company," adds another layer of validation to our efforts.

Best Sellers Spotlight

We invite you to explore our food further, including our top sellers that have won the hearts of cats, dogs and their parents alike. Our best-selling dog food, Comfy Chicken, and our leading cat food, Mystic Chicken, exemplify our dedication to quality and nutritional excellence. These meals, like all of our complete and balanced foods, are crafted to meet the unique needs of your cats and dogs, ensuring they lead healthy, vibrant lives. 

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Choose any combination of recipes and sizes to create the perfect box for your cat or dog.

Looking Ahead

This esteemed review celebrates our current achievements and also propels us forward, inspiring further innovation and dedication to the health and happiness of cats and dogs everywhere. The insights from these industry giants fuel our commitment to continually enhance our food and practices.

We are deeply thankful to Dr. Karen Becker, Rodney Habib, Dr. Susan Recker, and Susan Thixton for their thorough evaluation and constructive feedback. Their recognition is a beacon that guides our journey towards even greater excellence in pet nutrition.

To our valued customers and those yet to join the Rebel Raw family, this recognition belongs to you as much as it does to us. Your trust and support motivate us every day to provide the best possible nutrition for your cats and dogs. Your first hand accounts of the incredible positive transformations are proof of the power of real food. Let's continue this journey together, ensuring our beloved animals live happier, healthier lives through the superior nutrition of fresh, raw food.

Thank you for being an integral part of Rebel Raw's story. Here's to a future filled with thriving cats and dogs and joyous meals everywhere!

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