Team Rebel

Team Rebel

Atlanta, GA
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Pure Beef Heart Delight

Our Beef Heart Jerky treats are not just about taste - they're a tribute to simplicity and transparency. Single-ingredient, additive-free, and filler-free, they're the wholesome, honest treats your pets deserve. It's all heart, nothing else!

🐰🥕New Kid on the Block-Rascal Rabbit 🐰🥕

Rascal Rabbit is not your ordinary protein; it's a tail-wagging adventure that combines the power of playfulness and nutrition. Packed with wholesome ingredients such as rabbit, beef heart, turkey, beef liver, spinach, carrot, and wild salmon oil, our new protein will have your pup hopping with joy.

Spring is here!

NOW® Pets Omega-3 Support provides vital omega-3 fatty acids that aid in maintaining healthy joints, keeping your furry friend alert, agile and ready to tackle any obstacle — from playful sprints to navigating those irresistible Spring puddles.

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