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My cat loves the food

Great product. My cat loves the food. Great packaging, fast shipping, reasonable pricing, and great variety. Love supporting small businesses cause they care. — Elaine L....

Thrilled to discover Rebel Raw

Recently relocated from Seattle (where we had our own butcher for cat food) and are thrilled to have discovered Rebel Raw in Atlanta! We resonate strongly with their philosophy and have been most pleased with their food quality and customer service. Been transitioning the kids over the last month and...

He is noticeably younger acting and looking in just 3 months

We have a 14 year old papillon who lost his litter brother recently due to heart issues. After doing extensive research, we switched his diet to Rebel Raw. He is noticeably younger acting and looking in just 3 months. Even my wife’s father, who notices nothing, commented on his...

Picky eater no more!

I have been breeding and showing AKC American Staffordshire Terriers for over 20 years.  I currently have my first puppy in that time that is a picky eater and I was struggling to get her to eat kibble.  I decided to look for an AAFCO certified pre-minced raw to try...

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