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I recommend Rebel Raw to all my friends

My cat is 13 year old and tends to have hyperthyroidism so i decided to change to a raw food diet for her. I was afraid of the fact that she may not like it as she has been eating can food for years. However she loves it initially change...

The quality is amazing

Just got my first bulk box for my senior kitty, and he loves it! So far the quality is amazing, and it arrived frozen solid and intact. One package was a little leaky after thawing, but I noticed and repackaged it right away. I measure out 3oz portions into silicon...

My Yorkie fell in love with Rebel Raw food

My Yorkie fell in love with Rebel Raw food at the first meal! She was use to fresh cooked food, not raw. I’m a regular customer now. She’s not only more excited about her meal, but calmer too. The food packs are easy to use.

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