My cat is 13 year old and tends to have hyperthyroidism so i decided to change to a raw food diet for her. I was afraid of the fact that she may not like it as she has been eating can food for years. However she loves it initially change with 60/40 of raw food/can food diet! She eats more and bets for more food (now I had to give her a lunch meal) and I am happy with the presentation of Rebel Raw. From the details packaging (using dissolvable foam, well packed dry ice with big ice pack) to the lovely notes they had in the receipt, I am recommending the Rebel Raw to my friends who have cats too. I am a very busy person so I can’t prepare own raw food for my cat. I did lots of research of couple raw food companies in nationwide and I chose Rebel Raw for overall qualities (price, ingredients, shipping cost, minimum order) they tends to have less iodine and potassium for senior cats who require less that kind of ingredients. Also, I love the transparency of their ingredients. Some companies don’t have such detail ingredients listed which I considered them as wholesale quality product. I choose quality over quantity and Rebel Raw is really doing good. Keep up!
— R Chan
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