I have been breeding and showing AKC American Staffordshire Terriers for over 20 years. I currently have my first puppy in that time that is a picky eater and I was struggling to get her to eat kibble. I decided to look for an AAFCO certified pre-minced raw to try and came across Rebel Raw. She has been on it now for almost 2 weeks and absolutely loves it. Picky eater no more! She eats up every meal and as an added bonus you get the much improved stools you often see on raw. This is one of the pricier certified pre-minces on the market so that is the only downside, but I really like the variety they offer with alternate proteins that some of the others do not. Pre-minced is super easy to feed and the way it's packaged is space saving for your freezer, though I did go ahead and invest in a small deep freeze as well. If you're in an area where extras like necks and organ meats might be difficult to find, you can order those here as well which is nice. Overall, I'm very impressed with this food and will likely continue to use it in conjunction with other AAFCO certified pre-minces.
— Jenna L.
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