We've only just started using Rebel Raw but our girl absolutely loves it. Her coat is definitely already noticeably softer. Just having her love the food though is enough for us. We had dogs before that we fed with "dog food" and they all died of different diseases - cancer, diabetes and Cushing. I certainly couldn't put that down to the food we fed them but I will not take the chance a fourth time if I can help it. ⁣

I read reviews, downloaded the "list" and read about what pet foods are made of and couldn't imagine continuing that habit with Mya. She deserves so much more. Additionally, I have complete and unwavering trust with Tina and Matt and I know that they have poured every ounce of love they have into this business. The years they have invested into educating themselves to provide all the pets with the best, healthiest food - they have my loyalty for life. Thank you!!!
— Jennifer S.⁣
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