Itโ€™s Women's History Month, and here at Rebel Raw weโ€™re kicking off a confetti cannon of celebration and empowerment, zooming in on Tina. She's a whole vibeโ€”a dazzling mix of grit, guts, and glittering dreams.

Tina's roots trace back to a humble beginning, raised by a single mother who ventured from South Korea with dreams and determination in her heart. From these early days, Tina learned not just to endure but to thrive, carrying lessons of fortitude and perseverance that would define her path.

As a kid, Tina loved playing โ€œstoreโ€ and turned her bedroom into the coolest shop on the block. Picture a bustling marketplace with a toy cash register and stuffed animals lining the shelves, each sale a step towards her empire. And oh, the pets! She was always an avid animal lover and had many pets throughout her life โ€” cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, lizards, turtles and fish. 

Tina and her mom (Kwon).
Tina and her mom (Ms. Kwon).

Armed with a degree in Psychology from Beaver College (now Arcadia University), Tina ventured into the real world of retail, embarking on a journey through management roles at iconic brands like Pier 1 Imports, Macyโ€™s, Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft, and Apple. With each step, her vision expanded, and her ambition grew, leading her to pursue an MBA from the prestigious Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia. This was more than an education; it was the fuel for her dreams.

The culmination of Tina's passion for providing exceptional customer experiences and her deep-rooted love for animals led to the birth of Rebel Raw ten years agoโ€”a venture that started in the warmth of her home kitchen and blossomed into a testament of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Her journey from playing store in her bedroom to leading a thriving business is a narrative of transformation, driven by her love for animals and her acute business acumen.

Today, as we celebrate Women's History Month, weโ€™re honoring Tina. She's a success story and a trailblazing queen, paving the way for dreamers everywhere. Her story is a glowing reminder that with a dash of passion, a sprinkle of resilience, and a whole lot of courage, the word "impossible" is just an invitation to prove it wrong. Cheers to Tinaโ€”a trailblazer, a maverick, a shining example of leadership and a source of inspiration. ๐Ÿฅ‚

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