If you’re reading this, we hope you're enjoying a nice day off, spending time with your favorite people, animals and recovering from a delightful food coma. We’ve gotten some questions on Black Friday for Rebel Raw, so we wanted to share our perspective on why we do not participate in Black Friday.  

First, today is a well-deserved day off for the team. You can, of course, continue to shop and place orders on our website, but we won’t get to them until Monday. And any questions emailed to our inbox during this Thanksgiving holiday weekend won’t be answered by our team until Monday either. Sometimes, it’s hard to resist the frenzy of the holiday season, but we are committed to promoting a healthy work-life balance and acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our crew. 

As for promotions, we stand by our long tradition of pricing fairly year-round, and thus, we do not offer discounts on Black Friday. We recognize that our prices are not cheap but all Rebel Raw food is produced and hand-crafted in our own commercial kitchen in Atlanta with high-quality human ingredients and dedicated artisanship. We have one of the best teams anywhere and we are committed to operating an ethical, safe, and pleasant kitchen in Atlanta. Ultimately, we believe our formula creates great, premium food for cats and dogs.

Cheers and we are so thankful for your support and the entire Rebel Raw community! 

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