The holidays are a time of gratitude, family, and of course, a feast that tantalizes the taste buds. So why not make this holiday extra special by including your furry friend in the festivities? We've rounded up some easy and paw-licking delicious holiday treats that you can whip up for them to enjoy alongside you. 

Pumpkin ๐ŸŽƒ 

Hold on to your pumpkins! These vibrant orbs of yumminess aren't just for decoration. They are an excellent source of fiber and nutrition for your dogs. Get creative and stuff pumpkin into beef bone marrow, transforming it into a doggy-delightful treat! Watch as your pup goes wild over this pumpkin surprise. Remember, avoid using any pumpkin filling that may contain spices. Plain pumpkin is the way to go for your furry pal's delight. 

Recreational Beef Marrow Bones
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Turkey ๐Ÿฆƒ 

As many of you already know, dogs go nuts for some juicy turkey. If you are feeling generous enough and don't mind your turkey missing a wing or two, why not share the love with your dog? If you have a family member that loves wings, that's okay we have you covered! We offer turkey wings and turkey necks specifically for your furry companion so no one is left out this year. After all, what better way to celebrate the holiday than with a dog-friendly feast? 

Chicken ๐Ÿ” 

I know, I know, chicken may seem like an obvious treat. But seriously, is there anything more universally loved than chicken? Aside from the more well-known chicken treats such as necks, feet, and backs, chicken jerky is also an amazing option. You will be able to continuously surprise them throughout the holiday season with this treat. So go ahead and spoil your furry friend with some delicious chicken treats that will leave them more than satisfied. Cats and dogs go crazy for Rebel Raw's hand cut, single ingredient Chicken Jerky. Watch how we make it below:


Handcut Chicken Jerky

Sweet Potatoes ๐Ÿ  

Move aside, marshmallow-covered side dish! Sweet potatoes are not just for human consumption. They are packed with fiber and a plethora of nutrients that your dog or cat will enjoy. Whether you mash them, roast them, or even turn them into sweet potato fries, these orange delights will have your dog's taste buds doing a happy dance. You might even be tempted to sneak a bite yourself!

Pork ๐Ÿท 

What are the holidays without ham? Give them pig feet, and your dog will love you for the rest of their long, happy life. Pig's feet make a delectable holiday treat for your dog, packed with flavor and chewiness that will keep them entertained and satisfied. Just remember to offer it in moderation and avoid any seasoning or sauces that might be harmful to your furry friend.

Sardines ๐ŸŸ 

If you're looking to add some fishy goodness to your cat or dog's holiday feast, sardines are a must-try! These tiny swimmers are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, providing numerous health benefits for your pet's coat and skin. Watch as your pet's eyes light up with excitement as they gobble up these delectable treats. They're like little oceanic party poppers for your pet's taste buds!

Price per package. Ingredients Whole sardines, wild caught in the Atlantic Ocean. Contains 2 - 3 sardines, averaging 7 - 8 oz total. (Sardines average 8โ€ณ long by 1.5โ€ณ wide.) Benefits High in omega 3-fatty acids and Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinol). Fatty acids provide many health benefits, including cancerโ€ฆ
Remember to periodically supervise your furry loved one while they consume any raw meaty bone.

So, this holiday season, go above and beyond for your furry friend and treat them to these delightful DIY holiday delights. Your cat or dog will be wagging their tail or purring with joy, and you'll have even more reason to be thankful for their love and companionship. Get creative in the kitchen and enjoy this festive time together with your beloved pets! Happy feasting, and happy holidays to you and your four-legged family members! ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿพ

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