Daylight Saving Time (DST) is upon us once again on November 5th. While many of us dread the thought of losing that precious hour of sleep, our furry friends can also feel the shift, albeit in a different way. Our cats and dogs thrive on routine, especially when it comes to feeding. So, have you ever considered adjusting feeding time in anticipation of the time change? Let's dive into why it's a good idea.

1. Smooth Transition Over Shock

The DST change, although only an hour, can feel jarring. This is especially true for our fur family who don’t have the luxury of understanding why their dinner is suddenly an hour late according to their internal clocks. By gradually pushing their feeding time later in the days leading up to DST, you can ease them into the new schedule without causing unnecessary stress.

2. Digestion and Sleep Patterns

Animals, like humans, can experience digestive discomfort when meal times are abruptly altered. This discomfort can, in turn, affect their sleep patterns. By adjusting their feeding times in advance, you allow their digestive systems to adapt. The result? A pet that sleeps soundly and wakes up with predictable hunger cues. Wondering what’s the most nutritious food to feed? Check out fresh and healthy options at Rebel Raw.

3. Behavioral Benefits

Ever noticed how your cat might start meowing incessantly or your dog begins to paw at the food bowl when mealtime is near? These anticipatory behaviors are driven by hunger and the expectation of food. Abruptly changing their feeding time can increase these behaviors, leading to a more anxious or frustrated pet. A smoother transition can prevent this spike in anxious behaviors.

4. Consistency is Key

Pets thrive on routine. Their world revolves around the predictability of events, and feeding is one of the most anticipated daily routines. The more consistent we are, the more secure our pets feel. Moving their mealtime slowly each day in the lead-up to DST helps maintain this sense of consistency. To ensure you're giving them premium quality human grade food, explore the range of species appropriate food available at Rebel Raw.

While it's just an hour, Daylight Saving Time can have a notable impact on our pets. As responsible pet parents, taking small steps like adjusting meal times can go a long way in ensuring their comfort and well-being. So, as DST approaches, consider starting the feeding adjustment a few weeks in advance. Your furry friend will thank you!

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