Just released! We are excited and honored to be included in the prestigious Truth about Pet Food Treat List πŸ₯‡. This annual list features pet treats that pass an extensive verification process by pet food expert, consumer advocate and founder of Truth about Pet Food, Susan Thixton. Only treats that are made with verified quality ingredients and that she trusts to feed her own pets make the list.⁣ Operating with the highest levels of integrity, Truth about Pet Food does not accept any payment of any kind, including free products, in exchange for being featured in the list.⁣
Truth about Pet Food brings awareness to the lack of enforcement of law in pet food by FDA and State authorities, and provides education for pet owners to help find quality pet food and treats. As makers of human grade pet food and treats with very high standards for the ingredients we use and how we make our food, we have deep respect and gratitude for the work they do to educate consumers. Find more information and the 2023 list here β€” https://truthaboutpetfood.com/ ⁣⁣

Feed us healthy treats please!!

The Treat List
You asked for it, we did it.
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